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Why should you book a newborn session?

Capturing those moments of your newborn is always worth it. When you look back at those images, you will always think of how cute and precious your baby/ies looked. It is always best to plan your booking before your due date because once the baby is here, your life becomes so busy that you will easily forget to book your session.

During the session, I'll be using different props and wraps. It will be held at my home studio in Borras, Wrexham. The environment is very quiet and warm that it makes you and your baby feel comfortable and relaxed. I do like photographing close-ups of your baby as part of my style. I find these type of images very important to be part of your gallery. They're not everyone's favourite but from my point of view, capturing the delicate skin and those little tiny toes are simply beautiful and can be cherished for life with a photograph. Therefore always make sure before booking your newborn shoot that you like the style of my photography.

One thing I often hear from parents is that they regret not having professional pictures taken of their first child as they only have a few out of focused photos taken from a phone. Booking a photo session is never cheap but remember that you're going to have these precious moments to treasure for life, captured in a professional way.

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