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Pet Christmas Mini Sessions

Pet Christmas shoots? Yes, that's right! This year I decided to try something new for Christmas shoots by offering pet shoots.

This all started from knitting a scarf for my cat Alfie to pose for a few Christmas photos at my home studio setup.

The cuteness was indescribable! As soon as I finished editing the images, I thought "what if I do Christmas shoots for people's pets?". Last year, I did a Christmas shoot where they also brought their dog so I already kind of had an idea of how it goes with dogs as well and also loads of people are pet owners so I thought of giving it a go.

I shared the post on a few groups on Facebook and I was surprised with the response I got. All shoots I got booked were with dogs (and yes I was very looking forward for these shoots!). All shoots went really well and managed to get all the furry babies some great Christmas shots. My last session was with two dogs, Max and PJ. At first Max didn't won't to go where the setup was (he was so adorable though, he kept sitting next to me and it was melting my heart) but at the end we managed to get a few photos of him on his own and then also with PJ.

This has opened up more ideas for the future such as trying dog portraits and dog cake smashes but also I will definitely be doing these Christmas pet shoots again next year!

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